Tips & Tricks or "I didn't know you can do that!"

There are many ways to create acrylic pour art. There really is no wrong way. There is though, a lot of trial and error, personal taste and a dash of skill. Here are a few tips that have helped us a long the way.

cells formed in an acrylic pour

Tip 1 Prime your canvas with a coat of acrylic paint. Your pour will slide smoothly across the wet canvas.

Tip 2 When layering your colors, pour the paint down the side of the cup. This technique prevents the colors from mixing too much, and helps maintain crisp color ribbons.

Tip 3 The thinner paint mixture should go into your cup last. When you flip the cup over, the heavier paints will sink to the bottom again. Varying color's viscosity helps to create nice cells.

Tip 4 Placing push pins into the under-corners of your canvas will lift it up so paint can drip off freely and the canvas wont stick to your surface.

Tip 5 Once completely dry, spread on some baby powder to absorb excess silicone. Wipe off with a microfiber cloth and seal with your favorite varnish or resin.

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