MSDS Links for our Resin Epoxy

Mix and pour in a well-ventilated area. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If contact does occur, wash skin with soap and water and seek medical help if needed.
Read and understand all CAUTIONS on container labels and safety data sheets before using this material. Forced local exhaust is recommended to effectively minimize exposure.
NIOSH approved, organic vapor respirators and forced exhaust are recommended in confined areas, or when conditions (such as heated polymers or dry-sanding) may cause high vapor concentrations. Avoid breathing of vapors. 
DO NOT WELD ON, BURN OR TORCH ON OR NEAR, ANY EPOXY MATERIAL. HAZARDOUS VAPOR IS RELEASED WHEN AN EPOXY IS BURNED. WARRANTY AND DISCLAIMER Unicone Art and Creativations LLC. gives no warranty, express or implied, and all products are sold upon condition that purchasers will make their own tests to determine the quality and suitability of the product. Creativations LLC. shall be in no way responsible for the proper use and service of the product. 

MSDS Link for Platinum Silicone

MSDS Link for Mica Powder