Resin... it's not that scary

You've seen what resin can do. You've drooled over the fabulousness.

Here are some frequently asked questions answered for you. You're welcome.

What can I do about those bubble, you ask? A heat gun or torch is your best friend. Run it over, a few inches away from your surface. The bubbles will rise to the surface.

What about dust and hairs? Cut a box to fit the size of your artwork, cover your art overnight. Check periodically and remove any particles that may have snuck in. You can remove anything that has landed on your piece for hours after it has started to gel, before it's fully cured. The resin will level out again.

I think my art is too greasy to resin. Nah- just sprinkle some baby powder over your completely dry artwork. The baby powder will absorb excess oils. Gently wipe down with a slightly damp cloth and dry - you are ready to resin.

Bare spots on your finished piece? Oil will repel resin. If you had some oily spots on your art before you poured your resin - you can still fix it! Sand down the entire surface with 80 grit sandpaper and pour another coat. Make sure the 2 parts resin and hardener are equal and well mixed.

My resin cured sticky! If that happened, it means the resin and hardener were not mixed equally or thoroughly. You will need to scrape off the sticky stuff and wipe the surface well before re-coating.

Why is my resin milky or cloudy looking? Sometimes if your resin is stored in a place that is too cold, this could happen. Don't freak out! carefully warm your unopened bottles in a warm bath for about 10 minutes. Make sure you dry off your bottles before using - you don't want any water getting into the resin. You might need to work a little quicker, the warmth may shorten your work time.

There are scratches on the dried surface - help? Don't you worry. Sand down your piece to give the resin some tooth to grip. A second coat of resin will make those scratches totally disappear.

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