The difference between SETINSTONE® vs. Jesmonite: An Eco Resin Showdown

1. Where to purchase

  • SETINSTONE®:  is manufactured by Creativations LLC which is a US based company, making Setinstone already ahead of the game when you are living in the US.
  • Jesmonite is based in the UK making it just a little bit harder to find in our market. 

2. Working Time

  • This is a huge benefit when adding pigments to your work. SETINSTONE®:  has a longer working time giving you more flexibility to add different colors. There is also plenty of time to work in bigger batches to pour into more molds at once before curing starts.  

3. Eco-Conscious Composition

  • SETINSTONE®:  is a water-based, solvent-free resin that contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It’s a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious creators.
  • Jesmonite: While Jesmonite is also eco-friendly, SETINSTONE® takes the lead with its one-part formula.

4. Ease of Use

  • SETINSTONE®: Simple and user-friendly, SETINSTONE® activates with water. No complex mixing required. Easily weigh your water amount and multiply that by 3 to get your powder weight. 
  • Jesmonite: Jesmonite involves a more intricate mixing process, with 2 parts, multiplied 1:2.5 which may be a consideration for beginners.

5.  Finish 

  • SETINSTONE® has a thin viscosity making a beautiful finish when pouring into intricately detailed molds. It will seep into deep crevices as well as release trapped bubbles easier than Jesmonite's thicker formula. 
  • SETINSTONE®: Smooth as polished stone, curing to a bright white once completely dry, Its lightweight yet durable nature makes it ideal for various applications. 
  • Jesmonite: shares similar qualities but being a thicker medium, may have a slightly different finish when marbling with multiple colors. Both resins allow for creative experimentation.

    4. Ease of Use

    • SETINSTONE®: Simple and user-friendly, SETINSTONE® activates with water. The strengthening polymer is a dry ingredient already incorporated into the SETINSTONE® powder formula. Making it easier to store and transport to use whenever creativity strikes.
    • Jesmonite: Is a 2-part medium, the acrylic polymer is a liquid part that needs to be mixed with the Jesmonite powder, which may be a consideration for beginners.
    • SETINSTONE®: can stay in a silicone mold overnight which means you don't have to rush and demold for fear of watermarks on your finished product - (it's even preferred!)

    5. Applications

    • SETINSTONE®: From trinket trays to candle holders, SETINSTONE® is perfect for home decor, jewelry, and more.
    • Jesmonite: shares a similar range of applications. Both being highly durable materials; heat resistant and UV resistant.


    Both SETINSTONE® and Jesmonite are exceptional materials. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a curious beginner, embrace the magic of SETINSTONE® in your next creative project!

    Happy crafting!


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