Petri... not just for scientists

If you heard of resin, you've probably heard of the petri. The "petri" art name comes from the scientific petri dish. The petri dish is a shallow transparent lidded dish that biologists use to culture cells, such as bacteria, fungi or small mosses. Those organisms have a sort of beauty to them as well. I don't think scientists could have envisioned what would become of the modest petri dish though.

The Resin Petri - usually circular, although the technique can be created in any shape, is created by the specific reaction between resin and alcohol ink.

While some resin art is like painting, the Resin Petri is created upside down. When complete, you will "pop" out the resin from the mold and the art will be what was hidden from view underneath.

  • Choose your silicone mold, prepare (cover) your surface. Wear gloves to protect your hands.

  • Then prepare your resin as directed and pour it into the mold.

  • Next comes the alcohol ink. Pick your colors. Choose colors that are complimentary to each other and white. White alcohol ink is very important. The white is what will push down the colors and create interesting affects. It is denser than the colors, so will sink towards the bottom and take some color with it.

  • This petri technique is done by layering the color and the white. You add drops of color, then white and repeat. The amount of alcohol ink depends on the thickness of the resin pour and the diameter of the mold. You don't want to add too much ink because it may affect the curing process.

  • The last thing you do is wait. Be patient - the rQesin needs to cure. Most resins need a 24 hour period to cure. It's important to follow the directions when preparing your resin and waiting for it to cure.

Stay tuned for Unicone Art Alcohlol Inks coming soon.

And happy crafting!

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