Mud and the rainbow.

How to navigate the full color palette.

You love color... who doesn't?

But, do all colors belong in one painting?

The color wheel is a very useful tool in flow art, pour painting. Using "like" or similar colors in a color family will help make a harmonious look to your art. The catch is that you need contrast. Adding contrast will make colors pop. Using light blue, dark blue and a splash of green or purple with white or black as the contrasting color is a "no-fail" choice.

color wheel
color wheel

See color wheel above. Similar colors will be next to each other. They are harmonious. Using colors that are opposite each other on a color wheel can cause mud if they mix together. When creating a pour art masterpiece, color choice is a big deal. Tips I would suggest for using more colors are; first, do not stir the colors in your cup. Second, layer your contrast color like black or white in between the "rainbow" colors. Lastly, follow your heart, if you love red and blue together, try it! Pour art is a forgiving method. You don't need lessons or a class. Trial and error, practice and an open mind is all you need to start your pour art journey!

color swatches

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