5 Tips to Prevent Bubbles in Your Resin.

Are bubbles your arch nemesis? Those cute, happy... pesky things can ruin your piece. Sometime I like a bubble or two - it may create interest and work in your favor. An imperfect piece can be truly magical in its' own way. 
Here are some tips if you'd like to battle those tiny resin enemies...resimies, resinenemies? 

1. Temperature -

   A-cast your resin in a warm room. Room temperature is 70°-75° F  a space heater can be your best friend during colder  months.

   B-If your resin is cold. Place your closed resin bottles in a warm water bath for about 5-10 minutes.

   C-Make sure your mold is warm as well. If your mold or surface is a different temperature - bubbles can get trapped. Gently warm up your mold with a heat gun or blow dryer.

2.Mix your resin SLOWLY. Scrape the sides. Mix clockwise and counter clockwise. Mix a lot, but SLOWLY.

3.Pour a very thin layer of resin in your mold first. Move the mold around, bend it and tilt it. Make sure the resin fills all of the crevices.

4.If you add inclusions, make sure they are totally dried. Dip them or coat them in resin before you add them into your mold.

5.Pour a deep mold in layers, This will give the bubble a chance to rise to the surface.

I'd love to hear some of your go-to ways to fight off bubbles in your work!

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Do I need to apply a torch to top to minimize bubbles? Buying your product for the first time just wanting to make sure I’m prepared or do not do if, if that is a no no whit your product?

Stacey January 30, 2022

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