Layering your Resin Art

Sometimes you will need "layers" for Resin art.

1-When you are adding inclusions like flowers or paper butterflies.

2-Adding dimension

3-Pouring in a deep mold

Let’s discuss the first type - inclusions in a flat-lay mold.
Depending on the type of mold you use, you will need the top (or bottom) layer to be clear to show these inclusions. Sometimes a mold is a tray or it has etchings - this kind will need to be created upside down.
The clear layer will be poured first.
Then you add the inclusions.
The next layer can be poured after the first layer has begun gelling.
This can be another layer of inclusions or a solid color layer.
Wait 24 hours and demold.
A 3rd layer will likely be poured next as a shiny top coat or doming layer.

And sometime you will reverse the 2 first layers - if your mold will be face up.
That way the color layer will be poured first and then the inclusion layer on top of that, and you can see exactly how it will turn out.

How do you layer?


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