Meet the Maker

Meet Ashley @themagecat

Listening to music or true crime/spooky Reddit stories are some of my favorite things to help me get my creativity started!

What is your favorite thing to make?

I love to make wallhangings and bigger pieces. These pieces allow me to try lots of different techniques and styles. I also really love to create 3D decor pieces- it makes me so happy when someone can have my art even sitting next to them at their desk!

Favorite Social Media


What are your social media handles?

Instagram @themagecat | Facebook: The Mage Cat | Twitter: themagecat

What do you think made you take the leap to sell your artwork?

I have always wanted to sell my artwork, but I never knew where to begin! I had read a lot about resin and decided to make my first purchase (which was Unicone Art resin!). After experimenting a lot with it, I LOVED the outcome and decided to start up my Etsy shop!

What do you love most about this art form?

I love the versatility of resin. There is so much you can do with it- it truly doesn’t matter if a bunch of people have the same mold as you, you can still have your own unique style for your pieces.

What helps you work? 

Listening to music or true crime/spooky Reddit stories are some of my favorite things to help me get my creativity started!

What is your biggest challenge with this medium?

One of my biggest challenges with resin is waiting for it to cure, it’s almost too exciting to wait! Haha, the wait to demold my pieces is definitely a struggle!

What is the best advice you can give a new artist?

Some crucial things that I’ve learned in my resin journey are: Always read the directions on your resin and silicone molds. It is so important to know the limitations of your materials so you’re not accidentally wasting your money! You should ALWAYS wear PPE (personal protection equipment). This is so important, I can’t stress this enough! It’s not good to breathe in resin fumes (even if non toxic) or other materials. Please wear a ventilator mask and gloves! Also, other great resources for information are YouTube- you can find lots of resin artists who share their tips and “how tos” on here! There are also resin artists who actually offer classes to learn about how to use resin! Check them out if you have any questions. Always do your research to make sure any materials you use are safe to be put in resin; extra research on things may seem like a pain because it’s exciting to get started! But being knowledgeable about the medium is extremely important. And, of course, have lots of fun creating!

What do you for fun besides art?

I love to read and write! I also love to watch true crime and lots of anime!

Who is your favorite artist?

It’s so hard to pick a favorite artist! The resin community is filled with amazing artists, I really can’t choose just one! I try to share lots of my fellow resin artist’s work to my Instagram page. So, whoever you see there you can guarantee I absolutely adore their work! On a non resin related note, I’m an illustrator as well and one of my favorite illustrators is Heikala.

I hope to grow more and more as an artist! I have so many inspirational people around me to motivate me and push me outside of my comfort zone. I have a great support system in my life, which I appreciate greatly. It’s still so amazing to me that my art is owned throughout the country, and I cannot thank you all enough!

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