Meet the Maker

Meet Sahar

What do you love most about this art form?

I always wanted my art and what I created to have an impact on other people. Flower preservation in epoxy is one way I could connect with my customers and turn their special day’s flowers to piece of Art or keepsakes.

What do you think made you take the leap to sell your artwork?

I grew up doing painting and drawing all the time but I put them aside after high school to study and work on engineering career, It was in 2014 when I showed some of my works to coworkers and they said they would pay me for my art and I start do commission works and eventually had my artworks in galleries and start my own business.

What helps you work?

I would say have a daily and weekly routine helps me to stay on track. As business owners we don’t get to always work on creating art, there are less attractive aspects of business need to be done such as customer service, marketing, shipping,… I set a time frame during the week to get them done.

What is your biggest challenge with this medium?

Timing is most crucial and challenging part in this medium. You only have limited time, once start mixing epoxy I’m not able to do anything until done with pouring.

Favorite thing to make?

I always like to make large items like coffee tables, trays and sometimes completely new project that challenge me.

What is the best advice you can give a new artist?

Practice and be patient with learning process, It’s not always easy and simple as what we see in YouTube videos. It took me more than 8 months and many failed projects until I felt ready to put my work online to sell. Also, Always read the manufacturer instructions and use the necessary safety gears recommended such as gloves and mask…

What do you for fun besides art?

I love to do exercise, I’m also group exercise instructor and at gym pretty much every day. 😊

Who is your favorite artist?

I have many favorite artists but one comes to mind is CJ Hendry. She does mesmerizing hyper- realistic pencil drawings.

flower preservation, resin epoxy art, seep pour resin epoxy

Sahar has a beautiful selection of handmade unique items, specializing in floral inspired!

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