Meet the Maker

Meet Renee
Founder of Unicone Art

We don't know much about you...

Some personal stats:
Status: I am married with 4 kids!!
Height: I am 5'10"
Favorite activity: Drinking my morning coffee
Hobby: Besides my art, I go to spinning classes

Why is creating a product line with a unique visual identity so important?

My foundation in graphic design really helps create the vibrant aesthetics of Unicone Art. My love of design  really helped create a brand of products that speak of the quality of the products within. I know some of you miss the Resin Unicorn, we thought we needed a brighter update to match our colorful personality - I hope you're not too mad!

Can you share the story behind how you turned your hobby into the enchanting world of Unicone Art?

Fun fact: I combined the words 'silicone' and 'unicorn' to create the name 'Unicone Art. I started off making jewelry, but like many hobbyists, we love to try new art mediums!
I fell in love with acrylic pour art, but at the time I could’t find a perfectly clear silicone oil made for art. After experimenting with different samples and manufacturers. I created the 'Magical Cell Forming Silicone Oil,' my first product. Although discontinued, it quickly became a customer favorite, marking the start of Unicone Art!

How do you ensure that each product reflects the spirit that defines Unicone?

Unicone Art is not just a brand; it's an experience, with a community feeling. Every product undergoes rigorous testing in a safety facility and retested in my home studio for months before the debut in the market.

Looking towards the future and the new year, can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming collections or collaborations that fans of UniCone Art can get excited about?

Our latest addition to Unicone Art — a line that’s focus is on eco-friendly/user-friendliness, SETINSTONE. We will definitely have some more amazing products coming, stay tuned!


What advice would you give to those starting their own journey, in the world of creative and imaginative art?

That’s the key right there - imagination! It’s great to get inspired by others but don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. Anything you can imagine or dream up to make your project your own is the way to go. 

On a lighter note, if you had to choose three art supplies (or magical artifacts) to take with you on a unicorn-powered adventure, what would they be, and why?

I love that question! 
The first would be our Magical Resin Remover - It’s all natural and it removes anything from your hands - like magic!
The second would be the Crushed Crystal® mica Pigment Enhancer - it is so beautiful and versatile. 
The third, that’s a hard decision- probably our famous resin epoxy because it makes everything glossy and shiny and cures hard.

What's inspiring you now?

@Lextalkington does these amazing sculptural pieces with found objects.
I'm in love with @Krystalfesterly - her Noctuary pieces are so dreamy.
@kamberlandcreations is making coffee cup coffee tables!

Lila Harper,