Meet the Maker

Meet Amanda

"I work best with natural light and a good tv show. Most days in my studio, creating doesn't even feel like work because it is so much fun!"

What do you love most about this art form?

I love how resin is a slow art form because it is so rewarding when you see the final product and get to admire what you created! I love conjuring up ideas in my head and watching them slowly come to life as I add colors, textures, and details to my work.

Favorite Social Media


What are your social media handles?

Pinterest: @thegoldengirlco

What do you think made you take the leap to sell your artwork?

When I initially started my resin journey, I was just making keychains for fun, but they brought me so much joy! My motivation to sell my art was to bring joy to others!

Favorite thing to make?

My favorite thing to make right now are my goddess statues! I never know how they are going to look until I take them out of the mold, but I am always pleasantly surprised by the result!

What helps you work? 

Listening to podcasts, YouTube or TV. Specifically regarding true crime, cults, International Relations, and scammers.

What is your biggest challenge with this medium?

Of course resin has many challenges and learning curves, but my biggest challenge with it is wanting to start too many projects at once and not being able to execute all the ideas I think about. As someone who is very indecisive, the unlimited possibilities with resin are very overwhelming!

What is the best advice you can give a new artist?

The best advice I can give to a new artist would be to focus on what brings you joy! Don't get discouraged by others' success because we are all on our own path--just stay true to yourself and the rest will come in time.

What do you for fun besides art?

Besides resin art (which takes up most of my time) I love to dabble in other art forms or do anything creative! I also love spending time in nature, finding new coffee shops, baking, and traveling!

Who is your favorite artist?

In terms of resin artists, there are too many to name! The resin community is so supportive, and there are so many artists that I have admired and been inspired by since the beginning.

While resin can be an extremely stressful and tedious art, I find so much peace and calm in sitting down with mixing cup and discovering what kind of magic I can create!

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