Meet the Maker

Meet Andrea @ResinbyDrea

"I feel so lucky to be a part of this resin community and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a creative outlet." See the rest of her interview below.

What do you love most about this art form?

 What really drew me to resin was the freedom of expression. No two things are ever going to be the same and you can create based on how you’re feeling or what you find in your surroundings.

Favorite Social Media


What are your social media handles?

 @ResinByDrea on Instagram and TikTok

What do you think made you take the leap to sell your artwork?

 Definitely encouragement from my peers! That boost of confidence from other creators really helped me get my pieces out there.

Favorite thing to make?

Recently it’s been deep, clear pours! Like figurines with all kinds of flora & fauna and little paper butterflies. I love creating these tiny little worlds in them!

What helps you work? 

 Planning ahead and staying organized!

What is your biggest challenge with this medium?

Patience, for sure! I’m guilty of demolding a little too early sometimes haha! But aside from that, I’d have to say learning to not be so hard on myself when my pieces don’t come out as planned.

What is the best advice you can give a new artist?

Don’t compare yourself to other artist. Do what makes you happy!

What do you for fun besides art?

I would actually say my full time job is another thing I do for fun! I work with kids with autism and I honestly love it, it doesn’t even feel like work most of the time. Unrelated to work though, I love to travel and explore new places!

Who is your favorite artist?

oh, this is hard! I definitely have a long list, especially as I’m starting to collect more and more art from lots of different resin artist. At the moment, I’d have to say @Joyce.Artwork, her ocean scenes are so dreamy!

I feel so lucky to be a part of this resin community and would recommend it to anyone looking for a creative outlet. Getting to meet so many new people during these hard times and getting inspiration from them has been amazing. It’s a lot of trial and error, but I also feel like that’s the fun in it. You get to explore and see what you like and what fits your style. I found resin in a time where I really needed it and don’t ever see myself looking back! I am especially grateful to be a part of the Unicone team!!

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