Meet the Maker

Meet Anna

What helps you work?

Music! Music can change my mood INSTANTLY. I don’t ever work without it.

What do you love most about this art form?

Not only can I be creative and innovative with this art form but it also carry’s a peace with it that soothes me.

Favorite Social Media

Instagram @Anna.alicea.designs

What do you think made you take the leap to sell your artwork?

I was an interior designer before I dove into becoming a FULL-TIME artist. It was the confidence that my clients had in me and the joy they exhibited when seeing their homes completed. It gave me the push I needed to take the leap and focus on my art.

Favorite thing to make?

My favorite thing to make is my signature agate resin wall art.

What is your biggest challenge with this medium?

My biggest challenge when working with resin was finding a resin that would not cause headaches or yellow over time. In time some resins seem to yellow more than others. As an artist you want to create a piece that will remain in the same state many years from now. I wasn’t happy knowing that my pieces will yellow over time. However after much research, trial and error, I can say I found a resin that my body can tolerate and one that has not yellowed on me. I use MANY resins for different techniques however UNICONE ART RESIN is my all time favorite.

What is the best advice you can give a new artist?

Best advice is to think outside the box. Challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid to take risks. You have to set yourself apart. Copying other artists work is ok in the beginning, in fact I feel it’s necessary in order to hone a skill. However growth is important and so is being different, which is why you should think outside the box.

What do you for fun besides art?

Decorating my home. Since I work from home, my space needs to feel warm, relaxing and inviting. I tend to change my accessories yearly.

Who is your favorite artist?

Salvador Dalí - I feel his art was a window into his brain. He wasn’t afraid to think outside the box with his bizarre ideas.

Anna has a beautiful selection of handmade, unique items, as well as her own How-to inspired!

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