Marvelous Mold Making Kit, Liquid Silicone Platinum Rubber 4lb CLEAR

  • NON-TOXIC food grade, platinum-based, environment friendly and odorless.

  • FORMULATED to reproduce perfect detail, great for home projects. High temp resistant, flexible, tear resistant - quality material to use over and over again.

  • EASY mix 1:1 ratio with 40 minutes of work time. 3-5 hours cure time.

  • CURES soft, flexible and strong, easy mold release. Perfect size kit makes 4 lbs. worth of projects.

  • ART SUPPLIES Unicone Art produces high-quality art supplies that are made for artists, by artists. Create unique molds for a masterpiece of your own.

Why Chose ours?

  • Good tear and tensile strength

  • Mixing ratio 1:1, easy DIY

  • Platinum-based, environmental friendly, odorless and non-toxic

  • High temperature resistance (482°F-250°C)

  • High resistance to aging and high duplication times

  • Skin touch safety

  • Low shrinkage

2lb each part to make 4 full lbs of silicone

30-50 minutes of work time gives you plenty of time for mixing and pouring your into your mold.

Strong yet flexible, perfect for creating delicate resin molds

Shore hardness 15A

Cure time 4 hours

Store and use material at room temperature (73°F/23°C). Warmer temperatures will drastically reduce work and cure time.

Product should be used as soon as possible once opened.

Unopened shelf-life is 12 months when stored properly.

Questions can be answered on our FAQ section.

Easily mixed, 1A:1B by weight.
It is best to use a small scale for accuracy.

Pour Part A into a cup
Pour Part B into a cup
Mix part A
Mix part B
Combine the two parts and then mix for at least 2 minutes (scraping the sides)
Mix completely until you see a uniform color.

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