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Apartment Art that Won’t Cost Your Security Deposit

Art can totally transform a space and there’s nothing better than filling your home with art that’s meaningful to you. When it comes to adding art into your apartment, you may be cautious about damaging your walls - and the possibility of not receiving your full security deposit back. There are many ways to add art to your apartment without damaging it. To give you ideas on what that looks like, we gathered artists from Sacramento, CA, to Philadelphia, PA, to provide their insights on unique art that won’t cost you your security deposit. Read on to see what they had to say.

Design a mural on your walls 

The best way to creatively transform an apartment space that won't damage your walls is to use a sharpie marker (or paint) to create a mural with shapes, stripes, or patterns. If you aren't brave enough for that, no trouble. Easily fill a wall/space with a unique accent feature like a used or vintage surfboard, vintage bicycle (you can paint it to match your aesthetic if it's rusty), or showcase a vintage rug by hanging it. - Mitch Allen Interiors 

Create one-of-a-kind art with resin epoxy

When I think of art, I think of something unique and one of a kind, something that nobody else has. That’s easy to achieve with resin epoxy. The technique that is “no-fail” would be the dirty pour. Adding different complementary colors of resin in a cup and just flipping it onto a canvas can create the most magical statement pieces of art. - Unicone Art 

Prints are affordable and won’t cause damage

Many artists will happily allow prints to be made of their work in addition to the art available from the big online sellers such as Fine Art America. Pick out art that you love, ask if prints are available, and if yes, make that art your statement piece by going big, 36”x36” or larger. Prints are very affordable and if printed on canvas are light enough for easy hanging with removable Command strips. Patricia J Finley Fine Art

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