Resin Epoxy and Summer a PSA

Now that summer weather is here. Your resin epoxy crafting needs to be adjusted.

During the heat and humidity this time of year, your environment needs to be prepared correctly.

Resin and hardener will cure much faster if the temperature is too hot. Pour your project right after the two components are mixed. Store unopened bottles out of sunlight and in stable room temperatures.

Humidity is also one of the biggest issues a resin artist will need to combat. When moisture gets into a resin mixture- you will end up with amine blushing, characterized by a film or cloudiness on the surface of your cured piece.

Air conditioners and dehumidifiers when creating resin art are your best friends.

Don’t forget - that fully cured resin can become soft and “bendy” in a hot environment. This will resolve itself once placed back into cooler temperatures.

Ideal temperatures are 75°F-85°F during the first 24 hours of curing. Keep humidity ideally below 50%.

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