Reusable Stir Sticks for Art

Let's Stir Things Up!

Say goodbye to popsicle sticks!
Reusable non toxic great for the environment. Just peel the resin off - and use again and again.

  • LET’S STIR THINGS UP! Popsicle stick alternative. Non-Toxic, Environment friendly and reusable, no more unnecessary waste.

  • MULTI-USE: Mix resin, acrylic paint, glitters, makeup and more. Once the resin is dry/cured, it can be easily peeled off. Paint will wash off with soapy water. Use these stir sticks many times over.

  • QUALITY: Perfect size, for mixing small batches. Made from durable plastic, these strong mixing sticks will last you a long time.

  • VALUE: Each stick is approx. 6 inches long, 20 sticks in each set. Not too big or too small, the perfect size for your needs.

  • ART SUPPLIES: Unicone Art produces high-quality art supplies that are made for artists, by artists.

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