8 Reasons your resin didn’t cure:

Resin is finicky. It whines when it's too hot. It complains when it's too cold. Sometimes it has a toddler tantrum.

Here are some tips that may help you troubleshoot your cranky resin project...

1.Where are you storing your resin?

If the temperature changes a lot, moisture will collect on the inside of the lids which can drip into your resin and effect curing.

2. Did you measure it properly?

Measuring it properly means exact equal parts (ours is by volume).

3. Did you mix it thoroughly?

You need to mix the resin well, scraping the sides of your cup/ 

4. Were your mixing cups dry?

If you reused them, was there any leftover residue? 

5. Are your inclusions completely dry?

For example, dried flowers, or varnished items.

6. What was your room temperature?

Resin cures best in a room temperature of low 70’s F.

7. Are you using a latex mold?

Sometimes, resins do not like latex and may not fully cure.

8. Was your mold dry before pouring?

Make sure any mold release agent is completely dry before pouring your resin.

We are always available for you resin questions. We'd love to hear about your resin travels and experiences.

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